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Dog Grinding Teeth

Why Is My Dog Grinding Their Teeth in Searcy, AR?

Have you noticed your dog developing a new habit? Have they started grinding their teeth and are wondering why? Teeth grinding isn’t something dogs do without cause. Finding the cause can help protect your dog’s teeth, which we go into detail in our Searcy, AR, animal clinic’s article below. Reasons Why Dogs Grind Their Teeth…

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cat hairballs searcy, ar

How Can I Help My Cat with Hairballs in Searcy, AR?

If you have cats, you know that they get hairballs. While hairballs are natural for cats there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent them. Read our Searcy, AR, veterinarian’s article to find out what you can do to help your cat with their hairballs. What Is a Hairball? A hairball is…

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dog depression searcy, ar

Is My Dog Suffering from Depression in Searcy, AR?

Have you noticed your dog acting differently? There can be many causes for a change in your dog’s behavior. Depression is one of those reasons. Read our Searcy, AR, animal clinic’s (Liles Animal Clinic) article to read more about depression in dogs and what could be causing your dog’s depression. What Is Depression? Depression is…

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Cat Outside Litter Box

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside of the Litter Box in Searcy, AR?

Has your cat stopped using the litter box? Are they using it less? Have you noticed the smell of cat urine in areas it shouldn’t be? If you answered yes to any of these, you are probably wondering why your cat isn’t using the litter box. Read our Searcy, AR, veterinarian‘s article to find out…

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dog melanoma searcy, ar

Could My Dog Have Melanoma in Searcy, AR?

Melanoma cases are increasing in dogs, and it is often not found until it has spread and become aggressive. This is why it is important to know about this specific cancer as well as the signs to look for. We never think it will happen to us or our dog family until it is too…

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cat treats searcy, ar

Cat Treats in Searcy, AR: From Food to Fountains

Giving your cat a treat is a good feeling. They are genuinely happy when they receive love, attention, and food that they really like. But why should we give our cats treats? How much is too much? And what are the differences between each type of treat? There are a lot of questions to consider…

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Dog Life Jacket Searcy Ar

What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Life Jacket in Searcy, AR

Are you looking to go on a vacation, and are bringing your dog with you? If your vacation involves being near or in a large body of water, it is important to be prepared. A dog life jacket can easily save your pet’s life. While it is true that most dogs instinctively know how to…

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Puppy Parvo Searcy Ar

What You Need to Know About Parvo in Puppies in Searcy, AR

Puppies are young dogs that are still growing and developing. Since this is the case, common colds and viruses can do more damage to their bodies. Thankfully, most viruses are light and go away on their own. However, some are highly contagious and have a high death rate, like parvo. Keep reading our Searcy, AR, animal…

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Vet Visit In Searcy Ar

Ways to Prepare for Your Pet’s First Veterinary Visit in Searcy, AR

Whether your pet is a baby that requires additional tests and appointments or an older animal doing routine work, there are some things pet owners should prepare for before their pet’s first vet visit. It is also okay for both you and your pet to be nervous, but please don’t fret. Our animal clinic in Searcy,…

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dog neuter benefits searcy, ar

The Benefits of Neutering Your Dog in Searcy, AR

As male dogs start to age, it becomes time to begin thinking about neutering them. It is not required that you neuter your male dog, but we highly recommend it. Neutering has great benefits that can improve a dog’s life. One of the many benefits is actually a lower risk of cancer.  What is the…

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