Cat Treats in Searcy, AR: From Food to Fountains

Giving your cat a treat is a good feeling. They are genuinely happy when they receive love, attention, and food that they really like. But why should we give our cats treats? How much is too much? And what are the differences between each type of treat?

There are a lot of questions to consider when looking at buying and using cat treats in a household. Our Searcy, AR, animal clinic is going to dive into the basics and also include tips and tricks on how to use them effectively.

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How to Use Cat Treats 

Not all households use cat treats the exact same way. Some people prefer to give their cats treats because they want their cats to listen and learn. This form of positive reinforcement and reward-based training works well with cats.

We recommend giving your cat a treat when they listen to a command and do it properly. This does take time, though, and patience. It is also a lot easier to train a kitten then an older adult cat, but it is not impossible, especially when they are bribed with their favorite treat or reward.

Interestingly enough, sometimes cat treats are not just snacks or treats, but affection and playing games. Not all cats prefer to eat treats when learning.

In other households, treats are used as an additional food source to be given a few times a week. It is not good to feed a cat or a pet too many treats as usually these types of food are calorie dense without having a lot of nutrients and necessary minerals.

4 Types of Cats Treats 

There are way more than just four types of cat treats but listed below are the four main cat treats that pet owners give to their loving feline friends.

1. Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food can either be treated as a side dish, meal, or as a treat. Some households limit cat food that is wet because not all cats are used to the consistency, and they have some stomach trouble. Usually, wet cat food causes diarrhea because it uses different types of food and nutrients then dry cat food.

There are also specific wet cat food treats. These do not come in a can; they are packaged in a pouch. They are small bites soaked in flavors that smell delicious to our cats and entice them. This is a great tool for training, especially if your cat is interested in the delicious flavors.

2. Dry Cat Food Treats

You can also use dry cat food treats to train your furry friend. Dry cat food treats are a similar concept to wet cat food treats, except they are dry and easier to store. You can buy a big bag or box of dry cat treats in bulk.

If you start training your cat young and early, then they will be conditioned to the sound of opening the bag or box for dry cat treats. The sound and the smell help them remember the commands, which helps speed along training.

If you want your pet to learn these tricks and not expect any treats, you can do this by decreasing the amount of treats your pet gets after completing tricks consistently. Over time, they will get used to not having any at all and the memory stays with them.

3. Dental Treats

Have you ever tried to brush a cat’s teeth? While it is not easy, it is still necessary as cats can build plaque on their teeth destroying their enamel and the strength of their teeth. These treats are often not liked by cats, but you can simply keep trying new brands until they find one they like. As they munch on the dental treat, the mint and baking soda works to clean their teeth.

4. Play Water Fountain

Did you know that play water fountains can act as puzzles and treats? Not all cats rely on treats that are purely food. Instead, some cats need to be stimulated in order to learn and burn their energy during the day. This is why a lot of cats will cry out and whine in boredom when they don’t have much to do.

Turn on the play water fountain for fifteen minutes at a time. The water fountain can change shape, speed, and colors, which captures the attention of your cat and allows them to smack the water to try and play a game of catch and chase.

Need a Cat Treat Suggestion? Reach Out to Our Searcy, AR, Veterinarian

In conclusion, no two cats are exactly alike and both require unique things. We recommend looking for treats that work with your cat exclusively. They can be great training methods.

If you don’t want to train your cat or they are already trained, treats are a good snack to give every once in a while. Since they are high in fat and low in nutrients, they are not a good meal replacement, though.

For more information about cat treats, reach out to our Searcy, AR, animal clinic by giving us a call at (501) 268-5381

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