What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Life Jacket in Searcy, AR

Are you looking to go on a vacation, and are bringing your dog with you? If your vacation involves being near or in a large body of water, it is important to be prepared. A dog life jacket can easily save your pet’s life.

While it is true that most dogs instinctively know how to swim, this does not mean that they are immune to drowning. Large waves can easily crash down upon your dog and cause havoc, making it hard for them to swim to the surface. You can help your dog through a potential situation such as this by purchasing a dog life jacket.

But, what should you look for when buying a new dog life jacket in Searcy, AR?

Dog Life Jacket Searcy Ar


Each dog is unique in their own way, and this includes their size. As tempting as it is to buy the cheapest and most affordable option, you should know the measurements of your dog. Not all dog life jackets are one size fits all, as there are many different sizes of dogs. Imaging trying to fit a dog life jacket for a Pitbull on top of a Chihuahua? The looseness could be trouble.

It is not enough to know your dog’s breed though, you should instead measure your dog’s neck as well as their waist, legs, and overall length. When at a pet store in the clothing or safety section, there should be various options for dog life jackets.

On the back of the packaging of the dog life jacket, there should be a list of measurements to compare to. This can give you a good idea on which item to buy. Keep the receipt and don’t take the tag off until your dog has tried it on, just in case you need to return it.


It is also important to purchase a dog life jacket made with material that is sturdy, durable, waterproof, and comfortable. Since the life jacket is likely to go into water, you need it to be tough. This way, your dog’s nails or any other sharp objects won’t accidentally puncture it.

Sweat resistant and water resistant is self-explanatory, but still important. Not all life dog jackets have the same buoyance or the ability to float as well. This is a simple feature that is often overlooked, but if you have a messy dog, it is best to find a lightweight material that is also easy to clean.

After water play, your furry friend is likely to drag themselves in the mud and dirt, which in turn dirties the material of the dog life jacket. While there are cute and stylish outfits, the materials overall color should be bright. You want your dog to be visual, this way there are no accidents and you don’t lose them out in the water.


The durability of a life jacket ties closely together with the material. The material should be thick and lightweight, this way it holds your dog in the water, but is thick enough that it does not sustain large amounts of damage.

Sometimes, life jackets have a handle that people can use to grab someone that is drifting away.  This handle should be strong enough to hold the weight of your dog with the resistance of water. If you need to, try tugging it in the store and doing a trial run before your dog is in the water.


Dog life jackets are affordable. They are easy to find in stores and online websites. We don’t recommend buying these used, though, as there is no telling what the life jacket has gone through. Instead, there are options for less than $50 which are high-quality and strong.

When looking at prices, start by creating a budget and don’t look at the options that are over your budget. That being said, don’t purchase the cheapest dog life jacket unless the features are worth it.


It is important that your dog is comfortable in the life jacket as well. The material should be smooth enough to not cause discomfort. This is because it can stress your dog out and lead to them thrashing around, which can harm the material of the dog life jacket.

Comfort is more than just the material, but also the tightness. When fitting your dog to the life jacket, make sure that it is not too tight on their neck, as they can choke and panic, which is not a good thing to do in the water.

Need Advice on the Dog Life Jacket Best for Your Canine? Our Veterinarian in Searcy, AR, Can Help

In conclusion, puppies should also enjoy the water, but need to be safe! It is okay to worry about our furry friends, which is why pet owners should think about purchasing a dog life jacket. These are easy to find, but there are a lot of features that we should keep in mind.

Experts recommend looking at the material, size, durability, price and overall comfort of the object before purchasing. Without all of these features, your dog is likely to panic, which can harm the dog life jacket. Either way, you should not take your eyes away from your dog while out by the water as anything can happen.

If you have additional questions about which dog life jacket is best for your canine, reach out to our Searcy, AR, animal clinic at (501) 268-5381.

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