The Benefits of Neutering Your Dog in Searcy, AR

As male dogs start to age, it becomes time to begin thinking about neutering them. It is not required that you neuter your male dog, but we highly recommend it. Neutering has great benefits that can improve a dog’s life. One of the many benefits is actually a lower risk of cancer. 

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What is the Purpose of Neutering Your Dog?

So, what exactly is the purpose of neutering your dog? What is dog neutering? These are all valid and important questions that should be considered. The process of neutering a dog is when a professional veterinarian surgically removes the dog’s testicles. This lowers the testosterone levels within six weeks. 

Some people do this procedure because neutering their dog helps prevent pregnancy of a female dog in heat. This is important and a valid choice for those who have dogs that frequently live and play outside. There is also less marking of territory when a dog is neutered. This is a solution to that problem, but again, should always be discussed.

The Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

The primary benefits of neutering your dog include:

Lack of Aggression

It is likely that your dog will start exhibiting less symptoms and signs of aggression. As a dog ages and goes through puberty, their personality changes. Some dogs become more aggressive with both other humans and pets.

Sometimes, a solution is to neuter them as the excessive amounts of testosterone cause the burst of anger and aggression. There are other treatments for aggression, though. 

No More Potty Accidents

Who wouldn’t want no more potty accidents? Dogs that don’t have their testicles also are not as competitive or territorial as they used to be. This is perfect for pet owners that have more than one male dog. When they are not neutered, they compete by marking their territory. It can be hard to train a dog to stop this biological instinct. 

Decreases Risks of Cancer

Since the testicles are removed completely from the dog, this procedure also eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer, which is one of the most common forms of cancer. This cancer is very dangerous and deadly. It is not an easy one to treat, which is why it is important to prevent it as much as possible. The surgery also decreases chances of prostate infections and cancer. 

Stays Safe

Something interesting to consider is that dogs with their testicles intact are a lot more likely to run away, meaning that they are more at-risk for car accidents and theft. The testosterone in their system pushes them to explore and take off, more likely looking for a female dog out of instinct.

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Neutering

Once you have officially decided to neuter your dog, you will need to prepare them and your home. To prepare your dog, start by creating a neutral and calming environment. This environment should have items and belongings that they feel comfortable around. It is all about the safety and comfort levels of your dog during this procedure.

Most of the time, you cannot be with your dog as the actual procedure is going on. This is why it is important to create a space for your dog to return to after the procedure that is calming and theirs. The environment should also be secure, this way there is no chance that your dog will accidentally fall and hurt themselves.

When preparing your male dog for the neutering appointment, you should also come with a list of questions and concerns for your dog’s local veterinarian. These questions should be thought about and written down as the day will be long with the procedure. Usually, you drop your dog off and come back after the procedure is complete.

The medication your dog is on is likely to make them very sleepy, meaning, you should have their bed and corner ready for when they return home.

Reach Out to Our Searcy, AR Vet, When It’s Time for Your Dog to Be Neutered

All in all, there is a lot that can occur for you to decide to neuter your dog. Regardless of the reason, the decision is between you and your dog’s local and trusted veterinarian at Liles Animal Clinic. This procedure is safe, simple, and non-invasive. There is no reason to worry for your dog as the safety and survival rate is high. 

You can schedule your dog’s neuter surgery by giving our Searcy, AR, animal clinic a call at (501) 268-5381.

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